No More Hiding

No More Hiding: Lady A's Story We all have labels we define ourselves as. Some of us label ourselves as mothers and wives. Others define themselves by their career or goals. We focus our efforts on what we're passionate about...and thereby give ourselves labels that we can comfortably embrace. However, for some ladies stepping out of that comfort zone can be an incredibly scary task.

Lady A has dealt with the same insecurities that the rest of us deal with, but even with her boyfriend and parents relentlessly insisting she is beautiful, she couldn't shake off that feeling that she wasn't enough. When it came to people taking photos of her she always found a way to hide in the background. At her shoot though, there was nothing to hide behind. No baggy clothes, no labels, nothing. She braved her session, and in fact did quite a few images in very little clothing. The session itself was enjoyable, but then came the part she feared most...seeing the images.

To her wonderful surprise though when she finally did see her images she was amazed. There were no flaws she could pick out. She felt truly beautiful and teared up as she looked through her photos. Check out all of her gorgeous images below!!

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